Burnham Boilers

Burnham Hydronics ProductsBurnham provides a combination of residential and
commercial quality products. And all Burnham boiler castings are produced in its own domestic foundry to ensure quality and availability – a claim no other boiler manufacturer can make.

The Burnham Hydronics product offering is the broadest in the industry. Choose from Burnham Hydronics’ hot water or steam, oil or gas fired, cast iron or steel boilers, and from Burnham-brand indirect water heaters, cast iron radiation and heat distributors, PEXc radiant heat piping, and controls. This wide selection gives you the flexibility to incorporate everything from high-end radiant floor systems to basic retrofit boiler installations. Dale Huber Company will help you choose the Burnham Hydronics product
right for your application.

Burnham Enery Control 5000Burnham’s Energy Control 5000 (EC5000) system manager works in
combination with any Burnham residential or commercial
boiler and indirect water heater to run a complete heating
system at its most efficient levels. The EC5000 provides
individual temperature control for up to four heating zones
and an indirect water heater

Energy Star Partnerwhile continually monitoring outdoor air temperature, indoor supply water temperature, and indoor room air temperature.

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