RenewAire Energy Recovery Ventilators

RenewAire Energy Recovery VentilatorsThe Proven advantage of heat and humidity transfer
Improves Indoor Air Quality
by providing simultaneous exhaust and fresh air supply,
RenewAire reduces the concentrations of harmful pollutants
in the indoor air.

Meets Ventilation Codes for Air Exchange
Provides ample ventilation to meet ASHREA 62 and
International Mechanical Code that now requires two-to-three
times more air exchange then in the past

Controls Excess Moisture
Unlike conventional ventilation or basic heat exchangers,
RenewAire moderates not only the temperature but the
humidity content of the incoming outdoor air, limiting
humidity swings and associated biologic growths.

Optimum Cold-weather Perfo
Recaptures heat otherwise lost in exhaust air while
controlling humidity extremes. This greatly reduces the
demand on the heating equipment – lowering  both
initial cost and energy bills. Also protects heating coils
from freeze damage.

Optimum Warm-Weather PerformEnergy Recovery Ventilatorsance
Pre-cools and dehumidifies the fresh sir stream by transfer
of heat and humidity to the exhaust air stream. This
greatly reduces air conditioning demand — lowering both the
initial costs and energy bills. On retrofits, the
ventilation rate through existing A/C equipment can be as
much as doubled.

Energy Saved = Dollars Saved
ReneaAire’s all weather performance can cut annual energy
bills for heating, cooling and dehumidification of
ventilation air by 50% or more.