Uponor (Formerly Wirsbo)

Pex TubingWirsbo is committed to providing exceptional comfort systems. Their quality radiant systems can deliver comfort and
efficiency beyond compare.

Benefits of PEX-a

Wirsbo hePEX™ is Engel-method crosslinked polyethylene (PEX-a) tubing with an oxygen barrier that prevents corrosion of ferrous components in a closed-loop radiant hydronic system. The tubing features the highest degree of crosslinking for the greatest durability and flexibility, and also offers the tightest bend radius (six times the tubing diameter) to help avoid kinks. However, in the unlikely event of a kink, PEX-a tubing is the only PEX tubing that can be easily repaired with a shot of heat from a heat gun without compromising the tubing’s integrity.

Radiant floor is efficient, quiet, low maintenance, easily zoned and it’s proven!  Radiant heating controls the rate at which a body loses heat by turning the floor (ceiling or wall) into a large, low temperature radiator. The surfaces surround a person with cozy warmth.

Whether it is new construction, or a retrofit, call us to discuss your radiant floor options.

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AQUAPEX® is a clean, quiet and
healthy plumbing system for your home.